Unspoilt Yet: North Cyprus

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Unspoilt Yet: North Cyprus   

When I do compare my native land North Cyprus with the other countries, especially the leading member countries of European Union, I strongly feel that it is an unspoilt country not touched by commercial tourism, mass buildings, concrete mountains, river of cars and flock of people.

It definitely has a slow pace of life, safe environment, below the average crime ratio, sunny days and low cost of living compared to other Mediterranean countries.

English is widely spoken and UK visitors and residents receive a very warm welcome from the local people, especially from the elderly who lived long enough to breath in the colonial days. British colonial era still has some unforgettable influences on the island, which can be unmistakable recognized.

The Turkish Cypriot people are mostly believe in Islamic faith but laws of Sharia or Muslim canonical laws are not in force as in most of the Middle East countries. The local people are  very tolerant to other customs and traditions and they especially do show respect and appreciation to other faiths, beliefs, race, skin color and nations, even to Greek Cypriots who carried out genocide on Turkish Cypriots before half a century.

Although the Zürich and London Agreement for the constitution of Cyprus signed on 19 February 1959 and a constitution was drafted and agreed together with two further Treaties of Alliance and Guarantee in Zürich on 11 February 1960 and Republic of Cyprus was accordingly proclaimed an independent state on 16 August 1960, it did not live long.

Unfortunately the covet Greek Cypriots who wanted to stuff down the whole of the island by brute force attacked to Turkish Cypriots on the night of December 21, 1963 relying mainly on their oversized population and unrestricted armament. A ruthless genocide against Turkish Cypriots carried out from the day of attack on 1963 to the Peace Mission of Turkey on 1974.

It seems we, the Turkish Cypriots forgot the past and now welcoming the Greek Cypriots who visits North and willing to work over here as well.

The negotiations for a sustainable and long lasting solution which will be welcome by both parties lasted for 44 years with no success at all.

During these 44 years all of the peace building measures and plans suggested by UN Secretary General and officials turned down by the Greek Cypriots. They simply did not want to share the governance with Turkish Cypriots as was in and stated in the constitution of 1960 Republic of Cyprus.

The economic and political conditions are upside down now. Political powers aswell.

It seems as from July 1, 2012 the accession negotiations between EU and Turkey will freeze till the end of year. The negotiations for a lasting and sustainable solution to Cyprus problem already broke up and may start after the presidential elections in South Cyprus, around March 2013.

Definitely there will be conditions for the recommencement of the negotiations and the base of the frame work and negotiation terms will dramatically be different than to day.

Most probably both sides will not be eager to discuss the 44 years old Federation concept any more. Almost all of the UN and EU officials agree that a solution based on a Federation is no more acceptable by the parties and seems not workable anymore in the island of Cyprus.

A solution beyond the Federation is more likely be on the table next year. This time Turkey will determine and form the main frame.


Prof. Dr. Ata ATUN




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